Strange phenomena of psychology occur with everyone

Strange phenomena of psychology occur with everyone
Strange phenomena of psychology occur with everyone

 1) Deja Vu:

- Sometimes a situation passes through you and you feel that it has happened to you before, such as when you travel to a place for the first time in your life, enter a restaurant with your friends, sit at the table and eat your dinner while discussing a topic, and suddenly, without introduction, you feel that you have passed through this moment (with everything in it).

2) phenomenon (dop):

- This phenomenon is known as the disappearance of objects and their sudden return...!

- It always happens to us that we notice the sudden and strange disappearance of an object, and the person makes every effort to search for the lost object here and there, and after a short time the person is surprised to find the lost object, and if he returns to his place where it is usually kept, or he returns to a known place that was from Presumably, the best searches that were made to find him were in him.

3) Incubus:

Have you ever felt, while sleeping, that you could not move? Or have frightening hallucinations, in which you feel awake but unable to move...?

- Many interpret it as paralysis that occurs during sleep because we wake up with rapid eye movement. At the same time, the mechanism of muscle relaxation has not yet stopped, and this causes paralysis in vigilance that lasts for seconds or several minutes.

4) Lucid Dream:

- Sometimes when you dream, you feel that this dream is like a tangible reality, in the sense that you know inside the dream that you are dreaming. Therefore you can act consciously in it as we act in waking life, and you can make the nightmare a funny dream, for example, in what is known as controlling the dream and many have mastered this now.

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